Art Finance and Lending

In financial matters, knowing the true value of what you are borrowing or lending against is crucial. If raising funds against your collection, having the proof required to show the value of your collection can help you facilitate the process of obtaining a loan. Equally, we are able to provide fact-based evidence to support art lending decisions, working with appraisers or advisors to obtain more accurate knowledge of the value of a piece or a collection in order to de-risk the transaction.

Wassily Kandinsky
Analysis by ArtDiscovery found this painting to be consistent with Kandinsky’s materials and techniques. With technical imaging we were able to reveal and decipher an underlying composition, that had been painted over, which depicts a harbor scene. Research by the Kandinsky Society found that the earlier painting matched a sketch in the artist’s notebook. Eventually, the evidence compiled led to the inclusion of the painting in the catalogue raisonné — increasing its value significantly.